Toilet partition

BHGOOD public toilet partition is an excellent brand on the field of toilet partitions, which won a high degree of market by its outstanding design and quality. BHGOOD public toilet partition adapts people's increasing need of the quality of life, and still keeps innovating to make a more comfortable and natural toilet environment. BHGOOD public toilet partition gets a perfect performance for the using of phenolic fibre laminate which is waterproof, impact resistant and antibiosis, easy to clean, with plus the superior steel hardware accessories.

According to the different places, the design of the BHGOOD toilet partition will be different. The structure is stable. Generous, and humanity, safety and private, easy to clean are the advantages of our products, all of those can give you a high quality of life. BHGOOD public toilet partition is common in shopping mall, commercial center, gym center, airports、stations and etc.

The style of toilet partition combinations:

Hanging style: no feet, simplicity and generous ,hygienic and easy to clean.

Ceiling to floor style: extremely stable and generous.

Braced style: rich the visual gradations, dynamic.


1). Scratch and wear resistant;  self supporting and vandal resistant

2). resistant to water, moisture, organic solvents and chemical; antibiosis and easy to clean;

3). resistant to fire, heat and cigarette burns;

4). resistant to acid, alkali and chemical corrosion ;

5). environmental friendly and no toxic;

6). extremely durable, not easy to deform;

We also provide the following services to cater for your needs

7). Surface Finishing: various surface processing, Glossy, Matt, Texture, Horizontal, Embossed and some other especial surfaces

8). Colors: wide variety of appealing colour choices, Solid/plain color, fantastic color, wood grain color, metal, wooden veneer or customized color, Bhgood provide customers with integrated solutions for interior design. Bhgood professional R&D team has been designing a lot of especial color and surface finishing. If normal design not you need, let me know, If you need special color, please contact bhgood.

9). Sizes: rich sizes, computerized cuttosize machine available to service the markets according to request;

1220mm×1830mm (4’×6’)

1220mm×2440mm (4’×8’)

1220mm×3050mm (4’×10’)

1220mm×3660mm (4’×12’)

1525mm×1830mm (5’×6’)

1525mm×3050mm (5’×10’)

1525mm×3660mm (5’×12’)

1830mm×1830mm (6’×6’)

1830mm×3660mm (6’×12’)

1300mm×2800mm (4.3’×9’)

1300mm×3050mm (4.3’×10’) 

10). Thickness: variety of thickness ranging from0.7 mmto25 mm, according to request;

11). delivery : made to order production for prompt and fast delivery


which can be supplied in many production grades, is the most qualitatively reliable material and the one with the most extensive aesthetic potential for building change rooms, shower & toilet cubicles, lockers, cabinets, benches, partition walls and doors in such diverse public environments as health spas, gyms, resorts, swimming pools, hotels, sports centres, schools & kindergartens, factories, hospitals and laboratories. It is also particularly suitable for office & kitchen furniture and contemporary design in general.

1). Public toilet partition;

美安康板业生产的美人蕉抗倍特板,是现在市面流行时尚,低碳环保建材;常规12mm厚度的板是由120多张被酚醛树脂浸渍过的上等牛皮纸,上下两面经加三聚氰胺树脂特殊处理的装饰色纸,再用316蚀纹不锈钢模具钢板在150摄氏度高温1430psi高压的环境下压制而成,经溶解及不可逆转的58 分钟时效硬化生产一体成型;正宗的美人蕉牌是由国内专业抗倍特板厂家美安康板业生产的。具备防水,防潮,抗菌,耐撞击,安全而且经久耐用等优越性能,是传统木制的和密度板储物柜无法实现的,更是大众的塑料柜和铁柜无法媲美的。美安康抗倍特板储物柜特别适用于潮湿的环境。


· 耐撞击

· 防水、防潮

· 防潮,防水抗倍特板储物柜,防锈,不滋生霉菌,无异味

· 易清洁保养

· 设计灵活,色彩丰富

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